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Web Engineer

Mid-career recruitment (system engineer/ programmer/ web designer)

We are expanding our web development business such as website design, EC site development, business blog by Six Apart's Movable Type.

Job category

1. System Engineer
2. Programmer
3. Web designer (* currently not open)
4. Web coder (* currently not open)
5. Web director (* currently not open)

Employment status

1. Permanent employee
2. Independent contractor
3. Part-timer

Requirements age between 18 to 45 (academic credentials not counted) 
■Experience in system development in any kind
* Language, years or areas of experience are not counted. A person with blank period is also welcome.
* Good environment for those who:
・wants to handle upper process
・wants to work for a company where work achievement is well evaluated ・wants to deepen knowledge in business operation in addition to the skills as an engineer ・wants to acquire specialized knowledge
(for candidate of permanent status)
1. Entry (application)
2. Screening of application documents(career & bio data summary) 3. First interview
4. SPI (Synthetic Personality Inventory)
5. Second interview
6. Job offer
How to apply After inquiry for recruiting, please send your documents to the following address.
We will contact you for the result after screening of the documents.

<Required documents>
Career & bio data summary
Address for application Nishiki-cho Square Building 6F
1-7-1 Kanda-Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0054, Japan
Recruitment team
Inquiry Please contact us from below if you have questions or comments.

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