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■Input of personal information is needed for an inquiry. Please confirm the below "letter of consent on personal information".

Letter of consent on personal information

The personal information provided in inquiries is properly managed based on our personal information protection management system. With the check on “I agree”, it is regarded that your consent is obtained on the following 1-7.

1) Management of personal information
The following person takes responsibility on the management of the personal information to be provided:
Personal information protection controller
Kazuyuki Waki, president of INFREE CORPORATION
3-6 Kanda-Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
2) Purpose of use
The provided personal information (name, address, telephone number) is used for our services requested such as inquiry on product, delivery of product, making of product, invitation to events.
3) Provision to a third party
Except for the above mentioned cases or the cases stipulated by law, the personal information of the inquirer will never be disclosed, provided or deposited to a third party without the consent of the inquirer. However, in case disclosure is required by the government, municipal office, etc. with a legal procedure, personal information can be provided without the consent of the inquirer.
4) Entrustment
The personal information obtained by us is never entrusted to other companies.
5) Veto on the notification, disclosure, correction and addition on the purpose of use of personal information, and on the deletion, use or provision of personal information
You preserve the right to require the veto on the notification, disclosure, correction and addition on the purpose of use of personal information, and on the deletion, use or provision of personal information. In case it is needed, please contact “personal information protection controller” mentioned in the above 1) “management of personal information”.
Besides, in case a measure is taken, it is notified to you without delay.
Furthermore, when it corresponds to the a), b) or c) to be mentioned below, our usage of personal information cannot be halted. In that case, we will notify it to you without delay and explain the reasons.
a) When there is a possibility of injuring the life, body, property, and other right or benefit of a person himself/herself or a third party
b) When there is a possibility of causing significant hindrance to the proper operation of our business
c) When laws and regulation are violated
6) Optionality of provision
Provision of personal information to us is arbitrary. However in case personal information is not provided, a difficulty may arise for the correspondence on the requested inquiry.
7) Abandonment
The personal information received from the inquirer is to be discarded by a proper method, when two years passed after the correspondence to the inquiry had been completed.
Upon the above mentioned “letter of consent on personal information”
Company name
(or personal name):
Name of the contact person:
(for Verification) :
Questions or comments:

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