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Handling of Personal Information

The purpose of using personal information

We, INFREE CORPORATION, based on 1st clause of the 18th article of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (personal information protection law) and JIS Q 15001:2006, officially announce to use personal information within the limits of following purposes:

(Client Information)

  • Inquiries on the products of software development business, product delivery, and product making
  • Management in staffing service business and providing information to the accepting company
  • Collection of questionnaires in web marketing business and posting them to web pages

(Employee Information)

  • Personnel management including personnel evaluation, deployment(temporary transfer, transfer), training, and hiring)
  • Wage and salary management
  • Health care management including medical examination
  • Security management including crime prevention, disaster prevention, and occupational health & security
  • Business management including the operational communications and posting them to various reports

(Personal number of employees)

  • Qualification and verification of the pension, and used when you receive benefits.
  • Qualification and verification such as employment insurance, to use when you receive benefits. And use to the Secretary such as Hello Work.
  • Procedure in the medical insurance's premium collection such as medical insurance, and use benefits of welfare field, implementation of welfare, to the Secretary, etc. of low-income measures.
  • Definite declaration that citizens submitted to the tax authorities, registration statements, and included in the record, or the like. The use in internal affairs, etc. of authorities.
  • In addition to the above, social security, and use local taxes, a affairs office and similar related to disaster prevention to the Secretary of local public organizations prescribed by the regulations.

Additionally, in the case where a client’s personal information needs to be used out of the limits of purposes previously specified and announced, we will first explain to the client and obtain his/her consent before actually using it.

Provision of personal information

We do not disclose or provide clients’ personal information to a third party excluding the following cases:

  • When there is client’s consent
  • When disclosure or provision is required based on laws and regulations
  • When disclosure or provision is required to protect a person’s life, body or property and at the same time it is difficult to take the client’s consent
  • When the handling of personal information is entrusted within the limits required to achieve the purpose of use
  • When business succession is performed by merger, partition of corporation, business transfer, or other reasons

Disclosure of personal information

Regarding the personal information subject to disclosure within the limits of “the purpose of using personal information”, our grievance desk corresponds to the following requests:

  • Request for the notification of the purpose of use
  • Request for disclosure
  • Request for correction of contents
  • Request for addition or deletion
  • Request for the stoppage of use
  • Request for deletion and the stoppage of provision to a third party

Inquiry on personal information

When inquiry is needed for a client’s own personal information or for our personal information protection policy at large, please contact our grievance desk below:

<Grievance desk>

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